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Mind The Side Issues

Seeing the article on septic systems [“State-Of-The-Art Septics Required,” Residence, October 22] raised a question for me. First, understand that I truly understand the science: I learned to run a cClass 5 sewer plant. Also I grew up next to Shinnecock Bay and have watched, with much sadness, its decline.

In the article, it is instantly stated that these units will allow affordable housing complexes twice the size of current ones, and setbacks will be decreased. Fact: If units that are not 100 percent effective are used to increase population density, the positive effect of the systems will be negated.

I will have to scrounge up an article I read some while back. It was from Suffolk and evaluated the systems. I believe the 70 percent figure for nitrogen reduction stated in The Press is rather generous. The systems’ effectiveness depends in the creation of a complex system of organisms that digest the sewage. An unmanaged system is unlikely to render peak performance.

I am happy to hear anything being done, but mind the side issues or they will scuttle the purpose.

Where does the county program for grant funding now stand? The cost of housing just went up by $25,000. More control of one’s property is lost (mandatory fees, inspections, repairs).

Last, in support of feminist ideals: I find it objectionable that some man was given an award for his awesome research that proved that our septic systems were the cause of the nitrogen pollution in our bays. Alice Squires, my high school biology teacher, had us flushing dye tablets and tracing the effluent from toilet to bay in 1975. People knew long ago.

Money was more important. We all lost.

Amy S. Paradise

Hampton Bays


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