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Mindless Greed

Farrell strikes again, and again.

As Bridgehampton residents, we’ve watched the relentless construction of increasingly larger new homes replace more modest older ones over the past 20-plus years. While they are hardly alone in this blind onslaught, the poster boy for this assault has been the Farrell Building Company.

Now, as if to confirm its reputation for destruction of our quality of life here through overbuilding of oversized homes, Farrell has begun construction of the last thing we need or want in Bridgehampton hamlet: a large commercial office space.

Is there nothing to be done about the mindless greed/growth mentality that plagues us here? Why can’t developers, local officials, the real estate industry learn the clear lessons about preservation/conservation taught by the examples of Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard? Why?

Gasper Tringale