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Mindless Ranting

Frances Genovese’s shameless, vituperative and over-the-top letter spewing bile at Ed Surgan [“Lickspittle Proselytizer,” Letters, March 10] was unbelievable. Incredibly, Frances projects onto Ed the precise faults that are on display throughout her “arguments.” And, over and over, she makes declarations but makes no attempt to substantiate them with any facts — the same fault she accuses Ed of.

This does not approach anything that resembles discourse. No matter the subject or rabid support for or against someone, there is no excuse for irrational, mindless ranting.

Ed deserves an apology, but I expect that someone so cocksure of and arrogant in their opinions would choke on that prospect, even if it would be the rational thing to do.

This paper, being kind and rational, will not print the words that describe people like that.

Ted Sarian