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I am writing to address the misinformation circulating on social media and around the village regarding the recent water levels of Old Town Pond following the rainstorms we’ve experienced.

It is true that we have seen significant rainfall in the past few weeks, and our team has been diligently monitoring the situation. We have implemented various measures to manage the water levels effectively, including controlled release to prevent any issues.

To lower Old Town Pond, we must open the pipe to the ocean. To drop the water level 3 inches at Old Town Pond, the pipe needs to stay open for about a week. There are factors that we must look out for: wind direction is a key part of the process, as well as high or low tide.

This past week, the wind was not in our favor. The tides were 4 feet higher than normal due to the new moon. With those factors on hand, I will not jeopardize any of my employees’ safety to open the pipe.

Also, the village has obtained a Department of Environmental Conservation permit to allow us to cut down and remove the invasive phragmites around Old Town Pond. This is tantamount to tending a garden and necessary to keep the bioswales healthy — yet this work, too, has been undermined by misinformation going out to the public.

The ongoing and continued hard work of village employees, my staff at the Department of Public Works and the Board of Trustees as they work to implement sustainable and ecological improvements in every corner of Southampton Village is the truth.

Anything else you hear is misleading misinformation and motivated by matters other than the future of a sustainable Southampton Village.

Steve Phillips Jr.


Department of Public Works

Village of Southampton