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Missing Middle Class

When the government makes bad decisions, the consequences hurt communities for years to come. This is true for New York City as well as Southampton Town.

The town proclaims that it wants to keep “essential” workers — yet the income restrictions set by the “affordable” housing program all but eliminates that possibility. The middle class is missing.

Further, take a quick poll of people planning to buy homes and ask them if they would accept long-term restrictions on resale. The answer is no.

What the town has to develop are plans for truly mixed income communities with stakeholders who will assure that their neighborhoods are safe and secure and not dependent on ineffective government control.

In last week’s edition of The Press [“Twenty-Six Affordable Homeownership Opportunities Could Be on the Horizon in Westhampton,” Residence, 27east.com, September 20], Curtis Highsmith said, “So we’re going to try to do our best to adhere to the needs and wants, desires, of the community.”

This statement is complete fabrication. The town housing plan, which Mr. Highsmith describes, will destroy our property values and the integrity of Hampton West Estates.

Sharon Frost

Past President

Hampton West Estates Residents’ Association