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Mixed Messages

To secure approval of a golf course resort in East Quogue known as the Lewis Road Planned Residential Development, Discovery Land of Arizona (a global corporate real estate developer) would have researched the culture and zoning standards of the community in which it planned to invest. That task would have been facilitated by hiring local attorneys and residents familiar with land use along the Lewis Road corridor, where the Lewis Road PRD is located.

Essentially Discovery Land’s in-depth knowledge allowed the developer to formulate an increased-density PRD and to capitalize on zoning loopholes, a lack of assessment awareness, and a lack of accountability in the area.

No one questioned why stormwater runoff was ignored, or why a produce farmer would want to live next to a sewage treatment plant, or why Discovery Land intended to cut off public water to Lewis Road residents when it was known the corridor was polluted.

If a forensic investigation of the Lewis Road corridor had been undertaken, it might have been discovered that the Lewis Road corridor was fragile before Discovery Land’s investment. It might also have been discovered that the Town of Southampton has been cavalierly indifferent to the safety and health of residents, and that Southampton Town Supervisor Jay Schneiderman may have relied on input from advisers who were aware of but ignored these issues.

Regarding a somewhat related subject, I believe Brendan O’Reilly should be congratulated for his well-written critique of Representative Lee Zeldin’s argument that the election was “stolen” [“Analysis: A Weak Argument,” January 14). But what are the chances Mr. Zeldin will be defeated in the next election, given that Democrats often send mixed messages?

For example, approval of the Lewis Road PRD seems to indicate that Southampton Democrats support increased density development. I have difficulty reconciling that support when Democrats allege they are concerned about the environment.

Susan Cerwinski

East Quogue


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