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Mob Action

U.S. Representative Lee Zeldin’s participation in the frat boy stunt at the congressional impeachment hearing last week was another insult to the constituents of District 1. Despite being entitled to attend the hearings on his own, he nonetheless joined in a mob action to violate a secure precinct and disrupt a vital proceeding — to accomplish what?

His adolescent behavior is especially galling in contrast to the model of Elijah Cummings, now being celebrated.

Our district deserves better and, with any luck, we will soon accomplish that.

Bertram Lowi


Mr. Zeldin did not take part in the protest and, in fact, was, as noted, already seated inside the room where depositions were being taken when the other House members entered. Mr. Zeldin may participate in the closed-door hearings because he is a member of the House Foreign Affairs Committee —Ed.


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