Montauk Beer Now Served At Madison Square Garden - 27 East

Montauk Beer Now Served At Madison Square Garden

author on Oct 24, 2017
Montauk Brewing Company recently announced that its beer will be available on tap and in cans at Madison Square Garden. Coinciding with the start of the New York Rangers hockey... more

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Master Class

I thank Barbara Ring for aptly proving my point. In response to my letter [“An Alliance,” Letters, April 11], which decried the state of civic public discourse in Hampton Bays as being overtaken by misinformation, fear-mongering and conspiracy peddling, Ring gave readers a master class in the practice by leveling vague insinuations about me and my colleagues potentially having dark, shadowy and nefarious motives based not on our actual conduct but instead on the ways in which we serve our community [“Tangled Web,” Letters, April 18]. Her letter echoed an oft-repeated, factually vacant and, quite frankly, tedious narrative unambiguously designed ... by Staff Writer

Think Ahead

After reading your article [“Teachers and Parents Speak Out About Elementary Position Cuts in Adopted Westhampton Beach Budget,”, April 17], I was not surprised to learn that 10 Westhampton Beach teachers might lose their jobs due to a decline in student enrollment. Unfortunately, this is happening in many schools on Long Island and is not unique to Westhampton Beach. I can sympathize with the teachers, because it happened to me. I remember receiving a pink slip as a tenured teacher due to a budget crisis. But in my case, fellow teachers chose solidarity and voted for a wage freeze ... by Staff Writer

Gratuitous Swipe

I’m writing in response to a letter by Craig Catalanotto [“What Are We Doing?” Letters, April 18], with specific reference to his gratuitous and irrational swipe at Southampton Town Councilman Tommy John Schiavoni. Mr. Catalanotto, a Southampton Town Planning Board member, expresses reservations about multifamily affordable housing, based principally on considerations of tax revenue and traffic, alleging that it results in too little of the former and too much of the latter. So far, so questionable. I don’t claim to know whether Mr. Catalanotto’s general complaints in this regard are based on fact or not, but I do know an ... by Staff Writer

Pattern Is Clear

I’m concerned about another punitive and poorly conceived measure proposed by Bill Manger and the Southampton Village trustees. This time, their focus is on limiting remote participation at meetings, specifically targeting volunteer members of land use boards [“Debate Over Parameters for Attending Meetings Via Videoconference Takes Center Stage at Southampton Village Board Meeting,”, April 17]. According to their proposed new law, these volunteers are allowed only three remote meetings per year. Exceeding this number could result in their votes being disregarded, or even removal from the boards. As the world increasingly embraces remote work and technology, it seems our ... by Staff Writer

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I read with interest the opinion piece, April 18, by Tom Clavin [“From Camelot to COVID,” The Road Yet Taken, Opinion, April 18]. I do not know Mr. Clavin’s work, but I do know Mr. Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s, his policies, and several of his books. It was unfortunate that Mr. Clavin used tired cliches and untruths about Mr. Kennedy on his medical freedom views, totally ignoring his positions on climate, war, the border and the middle class. Mr. Clavin used Mr. Kennedy as bait for his history piece, but your readers should note that Mr. Kennedy is the only ... by Staff Writer

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Lately, I’ve been sniffing a little shift in the immigration winds. I think it started with the tragic collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore. Four workers died that night. Four men doing the hard, dangerous work most of us once took pride in and now want to avoid. Four men peacefully struggling to earn their daily bread. Fathers working to feed their children. Brothers sending money home. Churchgoers. A dad who laughed with his young daughter at a water park kind of men. In other words, men with the family values so many Americans cherish. They were ... by Carlos Sandoval

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After assaulting another man with a machete, causing a head wound, a 35-year-old Riverside man was arrested on Friday after, April 19, and charged with assault, menacing and criminal possession of weapon, according to Southampton Town Police. Detective Sergeant Lisa Costa reported that police were called to 40A Pine Street in Riverside at 3:07 p.m. after a 911 caller said a man was assaulting another man with a machete. “Upon arrival police found a 24-year-old man covered in blood suffering from a head wound,” Costa reported. “Police tended to his wound until Flanders Ambulance arrived and transported him to Peconic ... 20 Apr 2024 by Staff Writer