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Moratorium Takes Away Landlord Rights

I was infuriated and outraged by your article regarding the DiPasquale family and the eviction moratorium [“Veteran Can’t Move Into Home Meant For Him As Nonpaying Tenant Cites Eviction Moratorium,”, April 6]. This veteran is defending our nation’s rights, which now include a tenant’s right to squat on this man’s property! There are pictures of this woman on vacation without a mask but she claims the risk of COVID if she moves. Does no one in government see how this moratorium is being abused and how it is affecting landlords and their families? I am all for helping those in need, but abuse is rampant. Lawmakers, wake up. This travesty has to stop.

I’m sure there are many other stories out there, but this one is particularly horrendous because it involves a defender of this country who now has no rights.

My daughter and granddaughter are living in her sister’s basement because tenants stopped paying rent and refused to leave. Courts have suspended court dates and evictions, so we have no recourse. My daughter was to buy the house and move in December 2020 when her lease was up. Now her furniture is in storage, and she is in an unfinished basement.

To add insult to injury, there is a brand new white Corvette sitting in the driveway

Cathy Kusche



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