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More Bad Judgment

It seems as if the Republicans have not learned that the more power they give to the fringe, fanatical crazies in their party, the more they will pay a terrible price.

It happened again last week, when Kevin McCarthy made concession after concession to a small fringe group of Republicans, whose only interest in blocking his speakership was to get more and more power and notoriety for themselves.

So, what do you do when a bunch of crazy Congress members are bullying the rest of your party and have no interest in doing what is best for the American people? It would’ve taken a group of normal Republicans to get together as soon as they realized what was happening — probably by vote three — and take action.

They needed to go to that fringe group and tell them either they get on board and vote for Kevin McCarthy and stop extorting more and more power, or they will simply vote for Hakeem Jeffries and end the whole thing.

As everyone saw, the vote each time was very close. All the Democrats were voting for Representative Jeffries, and all it would’ve taken was enough Republicans to vote for him and the whole show would’ve been over.

Would those brave Republicans who did this potentially ruin their careers? Maybe, but there are a few Republicans, namely, Liz Cheney, who are willing to sacrifice their careers for what they believe is right. Are there any more Republicans who are willing to do that?

I guess we will all see if there are any left, as Congress is now in session and the votes begin.

Paula Angelone

Southampton Village