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More Democratic

In the March 2 edition, two Letters to the Editor, written by Marion Boden [“Listen to the People”], and by Jose Reyes [“No Baton”], really highlighted the problems existing with the current town administration and the wishes of town residents.

If you haven’t been paying attention to local politics, you should be, for it is quite apparent that arrogance, disrespect, elitism, and a lack of transparency prevail, and “we the people” are not considered.

The Southampton Town Democratic Party needs to do more listening, instead of lecturing, be more democratic, accept different viewpoints, and not label different viewpoints as “mean-spirited.”

And while you’re at it, Southampton Town Democratic Party, you might want to review and revise the statement on (“What We Have Accomplished in Southampton”): “We are doing and intend to continue to do what’s best and right for the entire town and all its residents.”


Barbara Ring

Hampton Bays