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Move Long Overdue

If he had not substituted new lawyers for the nakedly pro-developer Elbert W. Robinson Jr. and Wayne Bruyn, our mayor, Jesse Warren, would not have a prayer of (1) maintaining our valuable historic districts, both in the business center and in our residential neighborhoods; (2) stemming the outflow of year-round residents begun under the Epley administration’s draconian zoning code, and continuing throughout the far-too-many years of Robinson’s and Bruyn’s hegemony over developer applications.

Greedy developers would continue to reign supreme, and the voices of our residents and voters (especially as expressed in our Comprehensive Plan and in various meetings of the regulatory boards) would be drowned out and ignored; historic houses and public spaces would continue to be torn down and built over; our village history and our village quality of life would not only continue to be eroded, it would shortly be lost for all time.

Back in July, the trustees were opposing the new mayor’s request to change lawyers for the village and for the village regulatory boards. Finally, Mayor Jesse Warren acted and, in a public meeting, two of the trustees went along with him; one abstained, and one voted against the change.

On the score of the change of village lawyers alone, The Southampton Press should be congratulating and thanking our dynamic new mayor, and enable him to make the other changes that our village needs in order to survive.

Evelyn Konrad

Attorney at law

Southampton Village+


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