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Moving Forward

Elections matter. After six years on the board, about four of those years on the leadership team as president or vice president, I know just how important this vote is.

Upon my retirement from the Sag Harbor Board of Education, there are seats that need to be filled that will make a difference for our children and our community. I want to take a few minutes to share my experience and my thoughts.

Vote Alex Kriegsman. This is an easy one for me. Alex’s unwavering support for children, our community, teachers, administrators and me as board president has made him a great ally as we worked toward improving education. I am proud of the work we have done together to improve the relationship between the board and educators and the public. Together, we launched Lead Teachers, a middle school principal, the PLANT Program, cellphone policy.

We increased transparency by drastically reducing the number of executive sessions and changing the rules for public input. We settled multiple responsible contracts and put up a balanced budget year after year, increasing our bond rating and fiscal health.

I am glad that Alex has agreed to run for another term.

Vote Ron Reed. Ron has impressed me and other members of our community with his Facilities Committee work. He is well-rounded, bright, a good listener, and no stranger to collaboration, volunteerism and hard work. I also learned that he shares my same passions for children and the community, sidewalk improvement, and building a positive relationship with Sag Harbor Village. I believe he has the disposition to work in a positive manner within a strong team to lead this district into the future.

Lastly, vote Brian DeSesa. Brian has a proven track record as a current board member. He is intelligent, level-headed and well-prepared to be a team player.

Ultimately, my biggest concern is that we send the board reeling back to the days marred by bullying, infighting and contentious relationships with teachers, administrators, and the village. In the past, we have lost great employees, from top to bottom, due to the unbecoming behavior of a few board members getting lost in the weeds of micromanagement.

I am so proud of the progress we have made. Our district has come too far to take a giant step backward.

As we move forward in an unknown world with COVID-19. I am proud to endorse candidates that are child-centered, wise, caring, well-rounded, and can take decisive action to protect our children. We have a board that is working well as a team, so I encourage you to vote yes on the budget, and I wholeheartedly encourage you to vote for Alex Kriegsman, Ron Reed and Brian DeSesa.

Diana Kolhoff

Sag Harbor


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