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Moving Forward

Congratulations to the Democratic candidates and the successful advancement for some. I am looking forward to participating in a positive campaign and movement for the betterment of East Hampton Town. My hope is that we can strive to resolve many of the outstanding issues and be proactive of those ahead of us.

My campaign for East Hampton Town supervisor will be one of solutions and to resolve costly issues that may prove to be extreme through ongoing litigations. We must hold the line on taxes and revisit many of the issues that have been with us for some time.

One concern of mine is that although the Democrats tout their concern for a living wage for our town workers, they fall way short of this goal, evidenced by the feeble increase agreed upon that amounts to approximately 38 cents per paycheck. These workers keep our towns running and do what they can with what they have to work with.

There are many more issues that need to be addressed in the upcoming months. I look forward to the challenge.

Ken Walles

East Hampton

Mr. Walles is a candidate for East Hampton Town supervisor — Ed.