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My Fellow Americans

The Op-Ed page in last week’s Press was a Progressive nightmare in print. No fewer than three Democrats who wrote in the Letters to the Editor on July 25 appear to have lost their ability to separate their emotions from their sensibility.

Dick Sheehan [“Actions, Not Optics”] continues to argue that President Trump is a collaborator with the world’s worst leaders. George Lynch (treasurer for the Southampton Democratic Party) is very defensive about the radical socialist direction his party has taken while tit-for-tat trying to label President Trump a fascist [“Just Add Goose Steps”]. Finally, Lance Corey is certain the traitor Donald Trump will suspend the upcoming elections with the help of Fox News [“A Prediction”].

I’m concerned for these, my fellow Americans. They all appear to need some kind of therapy.

But there was further derangement, witnessed in the incredibly hostile column “Out of Left Field” by the “eminent” local author Anthony Brandt. His column “Whom The Bodies Belong To” was a homage to abortion and an unbridled attack on people of conscience who oppose it on religious grounds. His particular hatred of Catholics and those who revere the Bible was unnerving.

The national consciousness-raising on the subject of abortion as it relates to its practice and the uncomfortable facts surrounding the murder of the unborn is evident in the virulent attack by the Left that Mr. Brandt epitomizes. It is worth remembering that this is still a country ruled by the will of its citizens and the Constitution they respect. Therefore, if the people of Alabama, or any state, decide to restrict abortion on demand, or after a reasoned amount of time to decide, that is their right.

When Mr. Brandt laments that religions (except Buddhism) are all self-righteous and claim their own particular truth, he reveals himself as a secular bigot. I make no claim to a strong religious belief, but I don’t condemn faith unless it invokes fanaticism and a disregard for human life—which is what Mr. Brandt actually does support: a secular, dehumanized world view that devalues life, the life of the unborn.

The Press continues to entertain a column by Phil Keith that is myopic in its hatred of the duly elected president of this country. Added to the content I discussed earlier, it represents a disrespect to the majority of citizens who carried the 1st Congressional District in the last two election cycles.

Ed SurganWesthampton


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