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My Replies

In reply to the typical Democrat whining in the July 23 Letters section, I offer the following.

To Shivaji Sengupta [“Change Is Coming”]: Your hypothesis is somewhat deficient. It seems science today has become unassailable, especially in the hands of Liberals. Academics have much in common with Liberals. They both never hesitate to tell us what is best for us.

Today, the world of academics as practiced in our schools and universities is imbued with its moral superiority and rife with the persecution of contrarian thinking. As for the ability of academics as Liberal politicians, they are severely handicapped by their insulation from real world problems that require decisions, not theory, to manage. Getting government to act on societal problems requires leadership and consensus building, not science.

My regular adversary John Neely [“Causing Harm”], afflicted with Trump Derangement Syndrome, makes the false argument that the “Un-Affordable” Care Act (ACA) will be taken away from Americans by Republicans. This straw man is a typical attempt at frightening the uninformed. Republicans would like to broaden the choice in health care available to Americans by eliminating mandatory participation. That is called Freedom of Choice. Democrats really would like to implement their socialist program of one plan for everyone, which, as practiced in Canada, Great Britain and France, all are unable to deliver the high quality health care Americans are accustomed to.

Dick Sheehan [“In My Lifetime”] waxes poetic about an America he doesn’t recognize anymore. Well, Dick, I can agree with you. I’m 71, and I’ve seen a few years myself. I’ve seen and been part of demonstrations against wars and racism. We stood tall and made our voices heard without wearing masks and defacing public and private property. We protested without anarchists and criminals attempting to create an atmosphere of riot.

We no longer have civil disobedience — we have civil war on the streets of our major cities. Democrat leadership in every case refuses to protect its police and public. They demonstrate not restraint but tolerance for behavior that is poisonous to a civil society.

Here in New York, it probably is impossible to see a Trump victory. Granted, Joe Biden, in almost 50 years, has no accomplishments to boast of, other than getting to ride on the coattails of President Obama. He will undoubtedly be a puppet of the powerful progressive forces in the Democrat Party.

Only a Congress that remains in Republican hands will stand in the way of an America that I won’t recognize.

Ed Surgan



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