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My Turning Point

You may claim to being progressive/liberal, along with those who write letters to the editor, but you are not. Progressives/liberals espouse feelings and thoughts of “compassion, sensitivity, equality for all, diversity, inclusion and freedom of expression” — all traits abandoned by you and yours, except for those who agree with you.

Your arrogance of posture has evolved from your sanctimonious righteousness that anyone who disagrees with this lofty posture is morally deficient and most likely a racist, prejudiced, ill-informed deplorable who must be treated harshly so as to be controlled.

Your P/L tendencies are, actually, only skin deep. You need to twist the storyline to support your ungraciousness. Your behavior is the mirror image of the one you hate, Donald Trump, which is why you will always avoid looking in that reflection, and which is why being reflective for you or “the Squad” is not part of your process.

You point out the Trump Charlottesville statement — “very fine people on both sides” — as evidence of racism [“Turning Point,” Editorial, July 25], intentionally omitting his harsh criticism of the extremists and ignoring that many respected historians and academicians (fine people) opposed the taking down of the Lee statue.

You denounce the “send her back” chant while ignoring the fact that the crowd said “her” and not “them.” The reference was to Representative Ilhan Omar, rescued from the hell of the war and poverty of Somalia, without a kind word for the rescuing nation.

These facts do not fit your narrative of “racism” and so are skipped over. You do not have a single critical word for Omar’s ingratitude or antisemitic leanings but have no hesitation deploring her critics.

Where is your “compassion” for those who reside in the hinterlands of America who struggle to make ends meet and cannot participate with “equality” in the same opportunities that flourish in urban areas? Where is your “diversity” practiced? Certainly not on your editorial board or reportage, where not a single right-of-center thought is expressed. Your idea of “inclusion” refers to illegal aliens, or those who think like you.

“Freedom of expression”? Where is the editorial expressing disgust at the denial of free speech on campuses to those with a different opinion, or the violent antics of Antifa? Don’t point to the other side as an excuse to abandon your principles, as much of the media has done. P/Ls were always supposed to be better than that.

I have reached my “Turning Point” as well. Because you and yours occupy much of the hypocritical progressive/liberal present-day ethic, which has become an exclusive monologue, I can no longer comfortably reside there.

There seems to be too much energy invested in deepening the gulf between us and none expended on greater understanding.

Theodore Sarian Flanders


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