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National Hardship

As our country is buffeted by the great difficulties being suffered by most Americans, our president seems oblivious to his significant contribution to our national hardship.

I’m sure it is no secret: We are living with the results of an energy policy that has deliberately made American fossil fuel Public Enemy No. 1. No facet of our economy is untouched by the Biden administration’s shutting down a tremendous national resource we have on our own soil. You name the activity and it is significantly more expensive today than it should be.

Every commodity and service-related business is adding the expense of energy in fuel costs and the limitations of supply to our everyday cost of living. This is accompanied by billions upon billions of dollars of COVID-related spending, which never seemed to satisfy the Biden appetite for social handouts; it has created an inflationary tsunami that is crippling the poor and middle class.

All President Joe Biden can say in defense is that it’s the Republicans — and, of course, throw in Donald Trump, as if that will absolve him of his own incompetence.

Actually, I’m not sure Biden was the source of these failures in policy. This implementation of radical energy and economic policy are signature interests of the radical left, who now apparently have made a puppet out of the self-proclaimed moderate who is our president.

At our southern border, the administration continues to gaslight the country in its denial of a problem with 2 million plus uninvited, unwanted strangers being distributed among us without the expectation that we will ever know who they really are. This is not xenophobia, just the expectation that a nation is entitled to a secure border and to have a measure of say in who is entitled to be our guest.

The nation, during the Biden administration last year, suffered the most deaths ever due to narcotics, 107,000. Could this have anything to do with our open border? Coincidentally, the United States has suffered more deaths from COVID under Biden than Trump. Ironically, Biden was elected largely because he was going to manage the epidemic better. He even had the benefit of the manufactured vaccines that Trump pushed hard for.

Trump fought to keep the country open, while Democrats and their bureaucrats insisted on their shutdown. Blue states had more deaths than open red ones and suffered needlessly, as the statistical evidence is now revealing.

Crime under this administration has made life unsafe in our cities. Businesses are robbed unabashedly. Political demonstrations routinely turn violent, and police will not intervene. Even the federal crime of attempting to intimidate justices of the Supreme Court at their homes is viewed by the administration without contempt.

Ed Surgan