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Necessary Experience

I have had the privilege of serving on the Westhampton Beach Board of Education for 16 years. I’m proud of the work the board has done, and I am seeking reelection, as I’d like to continue ensuring the best for our students and community.

During my tenure, I’ve had the opportunity to work with a number of different trustees, and during all of these years we have always put forth a budget to the community that was cognizant of providing the best educational experience for our students while being mindful of the ramifications to our taxpayers. Every budget I’ve been a part of has been overwhelmingly approved by our community.

I also have worked together with my fellow trustees in putting forth bonds for the district that have included both maintaining and updating the infrastructure of the district (including our 100-plus-year-old middle school), while also adding educational and extracurricular spaces, including substantial additions in all three buildings for academics, our district auditorium, our turf field and track, and the development of our Hite property.

Further, I have worked with my trustees to uphold the highest standards in our hiring process, ensuring the best possible teachers, administrators and support staff for our students.

This year, due to adjustments in term lengths, we have three of our seven seats open in this election. I am the only incumbent running, so there will be at least two new trustees with no experience in this arena. My many years of experience as a trustee are necessary to complement our new trustees, and to reflect continued stability and strength, as we all work together to continue to provide the greatest opportunities for our students in Westhampton Beach in these challenging economic times.

I am asking for your vote on Tuesday, May 21. Thank you for your consideration.

Joyce L. Donneson

Westhampton Beach