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Need A New Mayor

I have owned a home in Southampton Village for over 20 years, primarily as a weekend/holiday resident. All that changed in March.

Being out here full time, I have been a bit surprised by the negativity and outright lying leading up to the trustees election. Of course, all of this leads to the mayor. The fish rots from the head down.

The mayor, who does not even own a residence in the village, seems to believe that he knows best. Of course, he is wrong about most things and seeks to force through ill-conceived proposals while engaging in ad hominem attacks. Tradition, cooperation and progress have been tossed aside in favor of press clippings and misguided schemes that dissipate upon the light of day.

Southampton Village is “AAA” rated and does not have a debt problem. That is an outright lie.

In addition, similar to equally pathetic mayor of New York City, the mayor has lost confidence in the police. One has to be spectacularly incompetent to achieve such an historic public rebuke [“Southampton Village PBA Casts Vote Of ‘No Confidence’ In Mayor Jesse Warren,”, August 25].

To that end, I have switched my residency from the city to Southampton Village so that I can vote in the election. I have no intention of giving this nonentity a majority to realize his agenda.

A new mayor cannot come soon enough.

Jordan Schweon

Southampton Village


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