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Never Expected

As an old person, I have lived through a lot of difficult times in America, such as the Depression, World War II, Korean War (where I served), the Viet-Nam War, Middle East wars, inflation, etc. during which America always survived and usually most of our citizens were supportive, patriotic and were law abiding. However, this past year, our media has described and shown constant rioting, looting, and burning (mostly in Democrat-controlled states and cities), major increases in murders and crime, defunding of our police, bad criminals being let out by liberal judges, cancel culture, “woke” behavior, and an awful lot of just plain lawlessness and bad behavior. American morality, in my mind, has definitely and frighteningly been lowered rather recently.

However, on late Good Friday, after visiting an ATM for cash, I stopped at the King Kullen in Eastport and went home. Later, I discovered that I had lost my week’s bankroll! It had to have been either at the cashier’s station or in the KK parking lot.

The next a.m. at the KK office, I glumly inquired, “I don’t suppose anyone turned in a bunch of lost cash late yesterday?” The answer was, “Just a minute,” and a manager was called to the office. He asked me what my problem was. I told him. He asked me how much I lost and then smiled and handed me an envelope. Very excitedly, I tore it open and counted all my money and then read the name on it and out loud I hollered, “Oh my God, I know him and his family!” He was one of my students in Westhampton Beach High School. Needless to say, I phoned John Phillips, to thank him, and he and his wife, Francine, the late Col. Gabreski’s daughter, (also a student of mine) will be my dinner guests at our excellent local seafood restaurant.

Isn’t this a great story of morality? I never expected to see that money again.

Peter Cuthbert

East Moriches


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