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No Conservative

I understand that this is an “Opinion” column, but do you have so few opinion writers that you are forced to use a crybaby, Phil Keith, who likes to dish it out but can’t endure the same back [“Okay, Boomer,” Mostly Right, November 21]? This pseudo journalist, Phil Keith spent almost half that column (disguised as a Baby Boomer column) with endless nastiness of name-calling toward our president. When he name-calls the president, he is also name-calling those who support the president.

Here is a clue for Mr. Keith: This is one of the reasons why Hillary lost the election — by name-calling the president’s supporters (i.e., “basket of deplorables,” white supremacists, racists, etc.).

Secondly, Mr. Keith seems not to understand the meaning of the conservative items he indeed lists in his article [“What I Believe,” Mostly Right, December 19]: traditional values, free market capitalism, strong national defense, religious freedom, right to life, property rights, and “No one is above the law.” These are the items that produced a win for President Trump. They will be the same tenets that will give President Trump another win this November, as all the Democratic candidates represent the opposite of those items.

Mr. Keith attempts in a juvenile way to negatively describe how President Trump doesn’t represent these conservative ideals. If Mr. Keith is the conservative Republican he repeatedly reports (does anyone actually believe that?) then he should try to resurrect another lackluster Bush.

GWB was a decent man but did not have the enthusiasm that President Trump has in his accomplishments: Best economy in 50 years. Brought 500,000 manufacturing jobs back to America. Renegotiated trade deals with Canada, Mexico, Europe, South Korea, Japan and, very soon, China that favor the USA. He is securing our borders, funding our Obama-depleted armed forces, enacting Space Force, and tax cuts that helped all of our people. He made us energy independent, he lowered food stamp demand, we have fast-growing wages, 5 million jobs created, he combated human trafficking, etc.

Mr. Keith is no conservative. He labels himself that, as he thinks that will give him credibility in his President Trump bashing.

Nice try, Phil.

John Begley



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