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Southampton Press / Opinion / Letters / 2005659

No Input?

Just because a financial arrangement was made between the town and the village, without informing this neighborhood, why do politicians think they can do what they wish with the place we call home [“Southampton Village Moving Ahead With Plans To Add Features To Moses Park,”, July 19]?

We pay both village and town taxes, and for that we have no input?

Now we learn that Moses Park will be fully developed into a sports center. Did they ask?

How many people really want to play bocce, tennis or pickleball?

Is there a traffic study to show how many more people will drive on already overcrowded Moses Lane? How many people will cut through our neighborhood from Hill Street to reach the park?

How about the litter that will ensue?

No concern has been given to those who live here and bear the tax burden, as well as all the other negative issues that will follow.

Next time, Southampton, wake up! Be careful for whom you vote.

Jacqueline Sammarco Scerbinski

Southampton Village