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No Need To Dream

Imagine, if you will, your representative diligently working across the political aisle to help reduce prescription drug costs. Imagine someone working hard to provide adequate funding for social services and to public safety agencies.

Imagine this person using carefully researched and thoroughly analyzed facts and applying the scientific method to them in order to find a valid, lasting solution to the coronavirus pandemic.

Now, imagine that, for the first time ever, all these goals would be accomplished by a woman, a Ph.D. professor, a bona-fide scientist — and a member of Congress. Not four individuals, but only one.

Sounds like an appealing but unreachable dream

Well, some dreams can become reality.

Nancy Goroff is the reality and embodies all the attributes that will significantly benefit us all. She is a university professor and a working scientist with a Ph.D. She is our candidate for Congress and comes with a method for creating and implementing real plans for getting things done.

So, no need to dream or fantasize any further. There’s a simpler way to have your way.

Just vote. For Nancy Goroff for Congress.

Walter Skretch



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