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No Will To Look

Lin Wood, a Georgia attorney, has brought suit against his state. He alleges that not one of the state’s judges has looked at the merits of the “mountain of evidence” pertaining to election fraud, which includes many thousands, perhaps tens of thousands, of signed affidavits and authenticated videos alleging election fraud.

According to the mainstream media (MSM), this evidence simple does not exist, and all accusations are deemed frivolous and inconsequential to the election outcome. It is a mantra repeated so thoroughly and universally so no “sane” citizen questions the results. Those who do are excoriated and socially ostracized by our liberal elite, who simply know the truth as they wish it to be.

Lawsuit after lawsuit alleging voter fraud has been declared baseless and tossed without any serious examination of the charges. There are seven contested states where there are serious concerns of voter fraud because of mail-in absentee ballots, but there is simply no will to examine the merits.

For proof of this concerted lack of will, consider this: There is software available that can scan and process millions of absentee ballots a day to test if they are valid mail-in ballots or substitutes. This software is the brainchild of Jovan Hutton Pulitzer, the inventor of Scan Connect, Scan Communications and Scan Commerce, to name a few. His software is loaded on 12 billion devices worldwide and is used whenever you go to the airport or get billed by EZ Pass on every toll road in the country. He is, in fact, one of the most granted patent authors in the entire world and has more patents than most people can count.

He claims the verification process is quick, readily available and ready to go — but he needs access to the contested ballots, which the American voter owns for 22 months after the election. The American people own these ballots!

His scanning process is science-based and irrefutable. Explained simply, all absentee ballots were mailed to the voter, and the process involves folding the ballots, stuffing them in envelopes and sending them through many rollers and machines that leave a mark on the paper ballot. At the point of fold, there remains a “kinematic artifact” that indelibly marks the mailed-in ballot.

His software and machines can scan millions of ballots a day looking for this marker, along with other technical markers deliberately left by printers and the type of ink used. Without a kinematic artifact then the ballot was never mailed and is a fake.

Once again, the MSM is MIA on this and would have you believe there is simple no evidence of voter fraud. Mr. Pulitzer believes otherwise.

John Porta