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Recently, Nassau County Executive Bruce Blakeman was interviewed on TV. He was asked to comment as to how to prevent another slaughter like the one in Uvalde, Texas. As expected, no comment on raising the age to buy an AR-15 or elimination of the sale of same. He did say that troublesome kids should be put in a database so that gun sales to them could be curtailed. Not a bad suggestion, but to develop such a registry would surely take some time.

But, in the meantime, and the foreseeable future, these troubled kids can still go out on their 18th birthday and buy an assault rifle. Why? What influences on our politicians are going to allow such a scenario?

Makes no sense, but that is nothing new. Obvious good decisions, shared by the majority of Americans, are not on the dance card of many of our so-called leaders.

This truly is a shame — that before you can be a legislator, you must be a politician.

Tom Halton

Sag Harbor