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Not A World Apart

The anger and violence perpetrated by likely Democrats in our streets was visited upon Rand Paul and his wife as they left the White House on Thursday night. Dozens of D.C. police had to firmly repel the agitators, who had no interest other than to intimidate a sitting senator in our government.

The Democratic National Committee held its convention and spent every opportunity railing against President Trump but never laid a glove on the violence that their supporters are doing to our cities and civil society. It would seem this is not about race anymore. It is about an unhinged segment of our population that is being led by Marxist revolutionaries seeking to undermine our society so they can remake it in their own image. Even the Democrat elites seem to be afraid to confront them.

Candidate Biden appears to be an empty vessel. Worse yet, his election would be a trojan horse infecting our democracy with this dangerous hatred of America and her past. Is this what moderate Democrats prefer? Is disgust with Trump worse than losing your culture?

I often watch MSNBC and CNN to try to understand an alternative viewpoint to my Conservative and nationalistic opinions. Their coverage of the Republican National Convention was disturbing. While they televised most of the speakers, the editorializing and nit-picking over every strong statement left me wondering if this attempt at controlling opinion wasn’t a prime example of Progressive group-think.

I mean, every Republican talking point had to be dismissed like a mother chewing the food for her young so it could be better digested. This control of alternate viewpoints is critical to Progressives. It has been going on in our universities and some public schools for decades.

Now this program is bearing fruit for the Democrats. A disagreeable point of view is now openly defined as “violence” and should be met with vicious reprisal and “cancellation.”

My moderate Democrat friends, we may disagree on policy, but I beg of you, don’t allow “freedom” to be a casualty of your dislike of President Trump. I am no fan of his personal make-up but appreciate his accomplishments and deliverance of what he ran on. His “America First” basis for all his decisions is a welcome departure from past administrations.

This doesn’t mean we exist in a world apart but that the best future for our planet rests with a strong, successful USA.

Ed Surgan



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