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Not Impressed

His portrayal of the diversion of funds from our military defense budget as cruel to servicemen and the American taxpayer is not very well thought out. After a year or more of demanding financial assistance through congressional action for the crisis on our southern border, things had become intolerable for our Border Patrol and adjacent communities, as they tried to manage the overwhelming numbers of illegal and legal immigrants swelling our facilities to inhumane limits.

Democrats deliberately refused to respond to a genuine security disaster, hoping to embarrass the president, in spite of the suffering they were willingly complicit in causing.

This president promised, and was elected, to solve our border crisis. It was not an empty campaign promise. The American citizen, whether he pays taxes or doesn’t, is directly affected by the distribution of illegal immigrants into their community. Schools are overcrowded, requiring more and more special education personnel to teach and translate. Medical services are administered to treat health risks. Law enforcement is challenged to meet drug and human trafficking activity.

Housing the newly undocumented creates overcrowding and dangerous fire risk to themselves and their neighbors. All of these and more are the consequences of an unregulated open border.

Mr. Gershon’s attempt to make “missing exit lighting,” “doors without closers,” and an antiquated school in Germany a serious comparative issue is another pathetic political attempt by Democrats to create a victim to support their agenda.

It is abundantly clear that the real victim of an open border is the American public paying for the dereliction of this Democratic Congress. It is ironic that candidate Gershon chose to make a veteran issue over this reallocation of the defense budget for the installation of border fencing. Representative Lee Zeldin is a proven advocate for veteran issues, and I frankly can’t figure out why Mr. Gershon went down this path in his letter. Poor judgment and blind hatred of the president is my guess.

Not the kind of performance I am impressed with.

Ed SurganWesthampton


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