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Not So Simple

“Trump’s Visa Ban,” blared the headline, “Wreaking Havoc On Restaurants” [“Trump’s Visa Ban A ‘Nightmare’ for Local Restaurants,”, July 7]. While it’s great fun to blame President Trump for every ill in life, I suggest these businesses refer to the law of supply and demand.

Why can they not find “local” help? It’s because they don’t practice what they preach. Most are vociferous advocates of vastly higher minimum wage and health care for all. Yet the compensation they offer is designed to attract only those who live under the poverty level.

Pay a good wage, and an employee benefit package to match, and you will find reliable “local” help. Of course, that will cut into your margins, something you are loath to do. Of course, rents are too high for many of these small businesses, which is why stores are vacant and quality is often third rate.

Landlords who charge too much, business owners who won’t pay employees enough. But it’s all Trump’s fault.

Feel better now?

James McCahill



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