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Now A Necessity

I listened to the “27 Speaks” podcast on undergrounding electric power lines. I feel a bit less like a howling crazy person. Karl Grossman started talking about this in 1985?

PSEG gifted me with one of their lovely, huge poles full of transformers and monitoring equipment. Nice view from the front porch.

Growing up, we expected to be without power now and again. Living in a house designed when electricity was an uncommon luxury and not a mainstay of life, we did not suffer much. I jealously guard my old Garland gas stove — no electronic controls whatsoever — and fill the tub with water when the storm warnings come. Oil lamps and propane lamps reside at the ready in the basement. Architects should design all buildings the way this house was done.

Still, you need power. When Sandy hit, we were without for seven days. I had to find someone to take my father, who had medical equipment that required power. There are many, many old folks out here now.

Your speakers had the courage to point out the disparity created by wealth. Perhaps The Press can promote writing, texting, tweeting and calling our state and federal representatives to support what is now a necessity — emphasis on the “now.”

Amy Paradise

Hampton Bays