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Odd Development

Odd Development

The Southampton Press interviewed Jay Jacobs, the New York State Democratic Committee chairman, to discuss election losses [“Q&A: Jay Jacobs, State Democratic Leader, On A ‘Red Wave’ Election Year In A Solidly Blue State,” 27east.com, November 16, 2021].

In 2011, Mr. Jacobs slapped a $48 million defamation lawsuit against homeowners who opposed his day camp near Little Fresh Pond in North Sea. The suit was dismissed as “frivolous,” but it seems odd that Democrats might believe suing homeowners would be viewed positively.

In August 2021, Express magazine published an article about a landscaping installation in New York City’s Madison Square Park, called “Ghost Forest,” that was designed by acclaimed architect Maya Lin and built by Marders in Bridgehampton [“How a Ghost Forest Lets Us Know The Climate Is Changing”]. The installation was created from a dying “forest” of trees that came from the Pine Barrens of New Jersey.

With the current administration planning to spend millions to combat climate change, it seems odd that developers — who allege to be Democrats — propose to build an increased-density golf course resort in the Pine Barrens “forest” of East Quogue.

Susan Cerwinski

East Quogue