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Off The Grid

New York State is proposing a total ban on combustible fuels in all new construction starting in January 2023. This means that all new construction will need to be all electric. You will not be allowed to connect to the gas grid or to have a propane or fuel oil storage tank on your property.

Some of the language in the bill states that no greenhouse gas-emitting equipment will be permitted on the property. No gas cooktops, ovens or ranges, no gas clothes dryers, no gas- or oil-fired water heaters or central heating. Gas logs in the fireplace, gas fire pits, pool and spa heaters and even outdoor kitchens may well be a thing of the past.

I believe that this is too much, too soon and that a more measured approach is warranted. Are you ready for a lifestyle change? Higher construction costs? Higher utility bills? Brownouts and blackouts? You won’t even be able to make a cup of coffee in a blackout with a backup generator — but at least you will be able to enjoy a glass of Chardonnay while sitting around your clean, electric fire pit.

Can the grid even support this? Is the grid more environmentally friendly than modern appliances and heating equipment? We currently have a shortage of skilled tradesman, including electricians, and there are wire shortages and skyrocketing costs.

If you are planning to build a new home, get it underway now, because I believe that it is going to be very difficult and very expensive in the near future if this legislation is allowed to pass. Have a look at Senate Bill S2835 and Assembly Bill A8431. Please contact your representatives and ask them to vote no.

Also, you will see reports that the Assembly bill was dropped from the budget. This is true — but I am told that it will be re-introduced, and that it was dropped because it was not aggressive enough.

Get your seat belts on — it going to be a bumpy ride.

Timothy Doran


Editor’s note: The Senate bill is in the “Environmental Conservation Committee.