Offensive Driving - 27 East


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Offensive Driving

I was born and raised in Sag Harbor, and that I am proud of. A beautiful, sleepy village most of the year, rambunctious and vibrant in the summer.

Since COVID hit in 2019, Sag Harbor, as well as the other villages, has seen a huge influx from the west — and with that has come disrespectful drivers. Every day between my drive from Sag Harbor to East Hampton for work, there is someone running a stop sign, cutting myself or others off, speeding to “get there quick,” and more tailgating than I’ve ever seen.

I’ve been driving for 10 years, and the past few years have been nothing but difficult on the road. Our 20 mph limit through the village has now become 30 mph in many minds, and nothing has been done.

What can we do, as a community who wants to feel safe while driving, about all of this nonsense?

Megan Beedenbender

Sag Harbor