On Deaf Ears - 27 East


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On Deaf Ears

Having tried to review the proposed changes on East Hampton Town’s website, I am forced to conclude that the “restrictions” and “modifications” at East Hampton Airport are minimal, meaningless, and will do nothing to overcome the extreme impact that the constant barrage of noise (and pollution) that KHTO creates for those of us in the flight path.

Having written to the town, as well as to local papers, for the past two years-plus, calling and emailing complaints to the airport noise “hotline” for three to four years (plus), it’s as if it has all fallen on deaf ears, and we “little people,” being subjected to it all, have just been spinning our wheels and wasting our time.

Stop the insanity. We don’t want the constant noise and see no benefit to the majority of East End residents. The board must act more strongly. I am tired of living with windows closed year round so I can talk on the phone, and tired of having to yell to be heard by my partner or guests (or wait until the ’copter or plane passes overhead) while I sit on my own deck.

Enough is enough.

Frank Setteducati