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Own, Not Rent

Wouldn’t an affordable housing initiative to purchase homes for first-time homeowners or those who qualify for affordable housing make more sense?

The young people of our community cannot afford to purchase homes in our area. Acceptable, move-in homes, at a fair price are just not available. Our children have grown up here, wish to remain in the area and raise their families, yet cannot afford to do so.

A community of two- to three-bedroom townhomes and/or condos, specifically for qualifying people to purchase, with stipulations on resale (caps on resale cost and to qualifying purchasers), I feel, would be a more welcome option. Homeownership would give the residents a vested interest in the upkeep and care of their neighborhood. A sense of pride in what is their possession. This would be beneficial for our community in so many ways.

Let’s give the next generation a chance and an option to own a home in their community. A reason to accept employment in their community. Let’s give the next generation an option to come home.

Donna Goebel