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Own the Chaos

To the individuals who mentioned me recently, I will respond briefly. To Frances Genovese [“Who Is Our Navalny?” Letters, February 22], whom I respect as a wordsmith, I, too, wish America had an Alexei Navalny who could speak truth to power and stand above politics. The world, and especially Russia, needed him.

But on Trump you fall prey to the same “derangement” as John Neely [“The Socks Can Wait,” Letters, February 22].

Taking Donald J. Trump literally is to misconstrue him. He is not constructed the same way career politicians are. Politicians learn to parse and turn a phrase while committing and saying nothing. They want to seduce with the empty promise no one remembers.

Mr. Trump comes from an entirely different orientation: bare-knuckle business. In business, leverage is highly desirable in setting the table for successful outcomes. Often, the apparent overreach can create a negotiating advantage and attain the bargain you actually seek. Ask big and settle. But know what you want.

Mr. Trump uses outrageous commentary to intimidate and unnerve his opponents. It is natural for him but shocking for the left-wing media and their Democrat audience. “The Art of the Deal” is more than just his book’s title.

With Trump, it is essential to compare what he says with what he actually does. Most Republicans have learned to understand this. His directness, while sometimes embarrassing, is tolerated because it contrasts the painful nuance we get from the current administration spokesmen. With Trump, the result speaks for itself.

His military was feared and projected strength, taming Russia and Iran and ISIS. The Trump economy shook off the Obama doldrums through deregulation and tax policy. Unfavorable climate accords were abandoned and a secure southern border was established. Joe Biden undid all of this and has become a scary liability as our president.

Harry Mainzer argues that Joe Biden committed no crime in possessing unsecured classified documents he acquired over the 50 years he served in government [“Refuting Hyperbole,” Letters, February 22]. He clearly stole them with intent and didn’t see the necessity to return them until the Trump debacle.

Not charging Biden was based on his diminished capacity to stand trial. Not because he or Hillary Clinton hadn’t broken the law. Same rules, different Department of Justice interest.

The narrative about Trump destroying democracy and making himself a dictator typically expressed in the left-wing media is absurd. Could anything be more dangerous than a Joe Biden reelection? Does a $400 million fine courtesy of Letitia James for a victimless crime seem like justice to anyone?

The perverse effort to demonize and criminalize all things Trump is tearing this country apart. Democrats need to own the chaos they have given us and quit crying wolf as in Trump.

Ed Surgan