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Parents To Blame

Seven children shot, four died. And this happens over and over. The failure was not about the gun; it was with the parenting.

We should all hold our heads in shame — and not because we didn’t stop guns. Guns are only part of the problem; they are only a vehicle. We let our children run wild every day, because we give up their parenting to others. Someone has to be the adult in the room. It’s all about the message.

What does it say when you give your children everything they want? When did parents lose control? I’ve watched this phenomenon slowly evolve, and the internet only sped it up. When the women’s movement started, there was an initial downturn in new births, followed quickly by an increase caused by the anguish of women’s timetable, causing another increase in births.

Life became different now, when the husband and wife were both breadwinners. Nannies and child care replaced the parent. Money and, in some cases, survival became the family’s only goal. Children were on their own.

Then technology took over, and social media filled the void. iPads, texts and PlayStation were the companions that filled their days. Have you seen the games they play? It’s as if kids were contract killers; the more headshots, the higher the score.

It’s time parents woke up and realized they are adults and their children should not be running the show. It’s never easy to say no, but that’s what it takes.

Gerald Rosengarten