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Patience Is Eroding

Re: “County Executive Steve Bellone Extolls Extended Hamptons Season” [, August 27].

While I am sure the local merchants are happy to extend the season to make up the loss of the spring and summer, I don’t believe all the local residents are of the same inclination. Mr. Bellone does not take into account the effects this extensive influx of “guests” has had on the East End.

One of these is the surge of new students to our schools. This added to the new coronavirus requirements; I am not sure how this is going to work out for the permanent residents.

Another issue is the “extended winter rentals” that decided to stay but not to continue paying rent. While I understand, in these difficult times, the non-eviction notice is essential, there should be recourse for those who have been taking advantage of this directive but are well able to pay the rent. If the property owner can prove the renter has the means to pay the rent then the rent should be paid, or, at a minimum, owed when this is over.

This situation is difficult for all of us. Why should some profit from this misfortune? Some of our greedier “guests” caused shortages in our local supermarkets. Our roads are crowded in the summer, but now we can look forward to the same all winter. Is Mr. Bellone going to invest in our infrastructure?

I haven’t even touched on the fact that there are more out-of-state plates here than I have seen on a holiday weekend. Have all these “guests” quarantined? Doubtful! Have they been tested? Doubtful!

They are the “guests” and, as most East Enders have done in the past, we are patient with them because eventually they will leave. Well, not anymore — and my patience with them has eroded.

They want our town to change to what they left behind. If what they left is so great then go back to it and leave our sleepy little town alone.

Holly C. Reycroft

Hampton Bays


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