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Southampton Press / Opinion / Letters / 2014862

Peace Is Prized

As 47-year Sag Harbor homeowners, we are concerned by the August 11 news of short-term rentals of swimming pools for one or more hours in our small village, and the additional rentals of tennis courts, home recording studios and big back yards [“Cash For Splash,” Residence, August 11].

It is difficult enough for Village Police to enforce our noise ordinance now. Will homeowners insurance cover costs in case of accident or injury to renters?

This is one more instance of the monetizing of Sag Harbor. Yes, it would be a boon to homeowners, but it also would affect the lives of their neighbors. We are a village of small lots, and peace is prized.

I think unregulated short-term rentals of pools, etc, could be “swimply” awful.

Alexandra Eames

Christopher Leonard

Sag Harbor