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People Have Spoken

I would like to express my sincere thanks to the Southampton Village voters for putting their trust in me and electing me as their trustee.

It is especially gratifying that the electorate were able to tune out the high volume of campaign static and make their voices heard.

The significant margin of victory that Mayor Jesse Warren, Trustee-elect Robin Brown and I won at the poll boldly underscores that this election was not decided by absentee ballots, or newly registered voters, but by all of the voters in the village who turned out in person in record numbers at the Cultural Center on Friday to cast their votes.

I would hope that the forces from outside the village that poured large sums of money into negative ads, mailers and robocalls will recognize that their efforts misfired. It would be naïve to think that they will cease and desist their efforts to divide our community — but the people have spoken, loudly, and the mandate is to make the changes necessary to preserve and protect our special village.

I reiterate the pledge I made during the campaign to get to work from day one on revising our village master plan to control overdevelopment, expediting the construction of a sewer system, remediating and further protecting our water resources, and bringing greater fiscal responsibility to village government.

I look forward to working with Mayor Warren, Trustee Gina Arresta, Trustee Joseph McLoughlin and Trustee Brown to accomplish these vital goals.

Roy Stevenson

Southampton Village