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Personal Choice

Why does the Parrish Art Museum continue to enforce a COVID vaccine and mask requirement? The original mandate by Governor Kathy Hochul was mask or vaccine. Why, then, has the Parrish Art Museum been requiring both?

In spite of New York State lifting the COVID vaccine and mask mandate on March 7, no longer requiring students to be vaccinated or wear masks, and restaurants and indoor venues, including theaters and gyms, no longer having to require proof of vaccination, the Parrish Art Museum continues to enforce its vaccine and mask policy.

Sadly, children who are not vaccinated are denied access to the activities at the museum. Those who are vaccinated can only access the museum by wearing masks.

Vaccinations and mask wearing should be a personal choice and optional. If vaccinated, mask-wearing individuals are so convinced that their actions keep them protected and safe, why the concern over those unvaccinated, non-mask-wearing individuals?

Some of my tax money is used to fund the museum, yet I am not permitted on the premises unless I comply with the discriminatory COVID policy that is still being enforced. Other patrons have also expressed their dissatisfaction with the policy, yet they continue to be ignored by the museum board, and the policy continues to be enforced.

Even though I am vaccinated, I will no longer patronize the Parrish Art Museum until proof of vaccination and a mask is no longer required.

Lynn Gallo