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Playing Catch-up

Understanding where we come from will only allow us to understand where we are going.

Some of these changes include the appointment of Sue Hurteau as the acting chief of police. I wish her luck in her new role, and I am looking forward to seeing her role progress as time goes on.

Keeping the theme of change in mind, I am sure many of us often find ourselves playing catch-up in all aspects of our life. I assure you, government is no exception to that rule.

Several years ago, the Village Board passed legislation to ensure that all septic systems adjacent to waterfront properties must be upgraded to a new advanced septic system (IA system). This local law will allow us to advance our shared mission of environmental conservation.

We hear a plethora of cries for help to ensure that we can focus on environmental practices, and that clean-up efforts are explored. All the while, we have this is one right in front of us. If we want to start seeing change, we need to begin using the tools at our disposal.

As a trustee who is concerned and ran on environmental preservation, I will be calling for an exploratory moratorium on all construction taking place in areas surrounding waterfront properties until we can determine if proper protocol has been followed with permitting and septic measures. With a new change in the Building Department, I encourage this brief pause so we can ensure that we are enforcing our regulations and not compounding problems.

I will be initiating the work with our Building Department and advise Gina Arresta, who oversees that respective department, on this important issue.

In the long term, my due diligence could save our taxpayers and property owners tens of thousands of dollars. This is also reflective of my commitment to fiscal responsibility of protecting village assets from exorbitant legal fees and salary increases stemming from our recent police chief situation.

Over the coming days, I will procure a list of all building permits surrounding waterfront properties and individually verify that all septic initiatives have been addressed in any and all of these properties.

I am fully committed to the oath I swore to uphold, and you can always contact directly with any questions.

Joseph R. McLoughlin


Southampton Village