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Playing The Odds

All too often, everyone seems to forget that when you hear the words “climate change,” that is the natural process. For far too long, we act as if the minuscule actions we are taking will do something. The major problem will be: Who is stopping China or India? Anyone? No. So no matter what level of drawdown or net zero, it will be for naught.

China makes about 26 percent of emissions currently and is poised to complete 300 new coal-fired plants. They are the No. 1 producers of rare earth metals. I was impressed that they actually were just test firing their new nuclear power plant, though it’s thorium, the proper way to do nuclear, where you don’t need to use water to cool, and that means no chance of a boom, with less waste.

Throughout history, we have had predications of what will happen — then that doesn’t happen. Al Gore predicted we would be covered in water years later and the ice caps will have melted; 2014 passed and that didn’t happen either. The New York Times wrote in 1995 of us having no East Coast beaches in 2020. Those 25 years were actually symbolic of the percentage rise in population of the Eastern Seaboard’s coastal regions in 2020.

In my college geology class, we discussed the Earth hitting the same mean temperature as the last ice age in 2005, on the day it actually occurred in 2005. The Earth began its 30 years of cooling right on time last March. Funny enough, when the 30 years end, we are projected to cool by at least 1 degree Celsius. That is actually the temperature goal of all unreliable energy we are supposed to be pouring billons into.

You’ve never had wind or solar that weren’t subsidized by coal, gas or nuclear. I’m not against “green” energy, but I’m not willing to call a spade an ace. In this climate I’m not willing for us to be put into energy poverty.

Did everyone forget we started as Pangea? Everything was together, broke apart in a constant state of movement. Perhaps all the continents will come back together someday? I’ll make it even more simple: Who’s going to stop the sun from heating? It gets hot then cools. Someday it will engulf this planet and it’ll be no more.

Eco-apocalyptic predictions since 1967 are 0 for 50. I’m just playing the odds. I’m just following the science.

Joe Karpinski


Mr. Karpinski is a Republican and Conservative candidate for Town Board — Ed.