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Political Drama

I was disgusted by the juvenile advertisement recently printed in this paper titled “Don’t Be Bob,” paid for by Frank Devito, a top supporter of Michael Irving, Andrew Pilaro and Mark Parash. It was full of lies and insensitive imagery, even containing a sketch of the village’s duly elected mayor and deputy mayor hanging in a noose.

What most irked me about this ad was its misogynistic portrayal of Deputy Mayor Gina Arresta: Devito graphically depicted her female body in an unflattering and highly inappropriate way. Discussion of a woman’s physical appearance should have no place in village politics whatsoever, and certainly not in a full-page newspaper ad. This behavior will surely deter women, especially young women such as myself, from becoming involved in local politics. Deputy Mayor Arresta is already the only female member of the Village Board.

Devito also claimed that Mayor Jesse Warren has filled his administration with “controversial and unqualified” individuals, yet among his hires are a certified public accountant and former chief auditor of East Hampton, and a 25-year Air Force veteran (both of whom, I should add, are women). Far from controversial or unqualified. The Press should not give a platform to such falsities.

This behavior speaks volumes about the character of Mayor Warren’s opponents. They shamelessly resort to character assassination, sexism and propaganda to promote their candidates. They complain that Mayor Warren is a magnet for drama, and yet they are the ones who create it.

Our choice could not be more clear this election.

Lydia Palmer


The hand-drawn images used in the ad depicted puppets on marionette strings, not nooses — Ed.