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Poor Planning

With the extended sabbatical that the East Hampton Town Board had taken these past several months, I had hoped that they would have come up with a long-term permanent plan that would be more sensible and practical with regards to parking.

What we’re hearing is that there will be a $50 permit requirement for nonresidents. Is this the best thing they can come up with? Realizing that if approximately 1,000 nonresidents purchase the parking permit option, the gross revenue collected would be approximately $50,000 — hardly enough to cover the cost of officers’ time and payroll to inspect the vehicles to ensure compliance with a permit. Not to mention the time it takes to issue and/or collect ticketed fines.

Years ago, there was a volunteer committee that walked and mapped out the various parking possibilities, along with one-way street potentials. Once again, meetings, research, solutions, etc. — with no follow-through. Just a waste of time that produced nothing.

So, here we go again, another season upon us with lack of adequate and logical controls. What thought has gone into day-trippers who do not purchase seasonal permits? As with past years, most likely they will take up parking areas needed for the local businesses throughout our town.

And do we really need to see all the blue wooden horses accompanied with unsightly signage blocking every potential space in town ? Poor planning, as usual, with this town administration, a day late and a dollar short, as they say. In essence, a lack of proactive planning or understanding what quality of life means to its residents.

I can only add that within the Town of East Hampton, each hamlet lacks proper representation for the taxes paid. We need more common sense and logic displayed, or many town issues will never go away.

Ken Walles

East Hampton

Mr. Walles is a candidate for East Hampton Town supervisor — Ed.