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Power Of Words

I have been a subscriber to The Southampton Press since 1971, back when the Western Edition was called The Hampton Chronicle. The subscription was a gift to my son upon his birth, making him the youngest subscriber to this venerable paper.

I continue to look forward to the paper every week and especially enjoy the Letters page and have my favorite letter writers. But this week takes the cake, and I cannot resist a shout-out to Frances Genovese [“Lickspittle Proselytizer,” Letters, March 10], whose letters are smart and priceless and are recognizable without even looking at the signature. This week’s letter should be reposted as a full page in large print — for, this time, she has outdone herself!

I miss Phil Keith, whom I got to know briefly when I began to correspond with him in gratitude for his columns and his call for all to recognize the dangers of the grifter-in-chief. Losing Phil was devastating to our community and the world.

Reading letters from Ed Surgan (a devout grifter supporter) usually caused my blood pressure to rise to dangerous levels, but I never felt I had the academic stamina to take him on. But along came my heroine, Frances Genovese, who never lets me down.

And this week, in her response to Surgan’s attempt to proselytize about the world order [“Stand For Freedom,” Letters, March 3], Genovese should win an award; her classic rebuttal to Surgan, about his persistent praise of a illiterate bloviator who is an autocratic, dictatorial, Putinesque, ignorant, narcissistic, misogynistic, ignorant, thieving, lying, hate-mongering, ignorant, self-aggrandizing, cheating, ignorant, louche, inarticulate, criminal would-be dictator and total failure as a human being, a cultist who knows nothing of history or common decency.

Thank you, Frances Genovese. I only wish I had the power of the written word that you do. Keep up the great work.

Marie Levine

East Quogue