Preservation Effort Loses Out To Deep Pockets In Water Mill - 27 East

Preservation Effort Loses Out To Deep Pockets In Water Mill

authorMichael Wright on Nov 26, 2013
A deal by the Peconic Land Trust and Southampton Town to purchase 20 acres of farmland in Water Mill has fallen apart after a wealthy businessman swept in and offered... more

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I thought I might have lice. The young woman who sat next to me on my last flight before COVID had scratched her head constantly, combing her fingers through her long blond streaked hair and then cleaning her fingernails. I went to the lavatory, hoping that she would relieve her itch before I returned, but it continued. The longest she went without engaging in this ritual was 21 seconds. At first, I played bridge on my phone with one hand while the other shielded her from my view, but I couldn’t concentrate. I twisted my body away from her and ... 18 Jan 2022 by Denise Meehan

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To an old guy like me, the year 1939 doesn’t seem all that long ago, but I came across a book published that year titled “Discovering Long Island” by William Oliver Stevens. It recounts some interesting lore about the “old” days. Stevens obviously was enamored with our island. Right up front, he says: “If East Hampton, Hither Hills and Montauk Point were in England … people would cross the Atlantic to see them and send home postcards breathing rapture over the scene. … “An interesting procession walks through the three centuries of its history: Dutch, Patroons, English Puritans, Quakers, Rebels, ... by Jim Marquardt

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A Suffolk County native, Dr. Edward Bonahue is the new president of Suffolk County Community College. With 25,000 students, SCCC is the largest community college in the 64-college State University of New York system. Raised in Setauket, Dr. Bonahue, is warm and affable, as was clear in a conversation I had with him recently. He is a seasoned college administrator, a scholar in English literature, and long a professor with a love for teaching. “I would say I had a love for teaching after I got to graduate school, and I taught my first classes,” he told Compass News, the ... by Karl Grossman

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I left for vacation unprepared. For example, I packed two adjustable wrenches, but no undergarments. Also, I didn’t pack any books. I had just the one I was already reading and halfway through: Helen Keller, “The Story of My Life.” Vacation for me is the opportunity to read books when I am fully awake, as opposed to almost asleep after a full, physical day on the farm and in bed. So a trip to the closest bookstore — there is one in a shopping center just five minutes down the road. I didn’t have any particular titles in mind. Straight ... by Marilee Foster

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EAST HAMPTON TOWN Free Vaccines Available  East Hampton Town has added dates for COVID-19 vaccines ... 17 Jan 2022 by Staff Writer

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By Shari Adler Many people prefer to avoid winter weather by migrating to a warmer climate. I have always felt so fortunate to experience the merits of all four seasons. My infatuation extends to autumnal tones; winters of ice skating, sledding, snow sculptures and blankets of white; the springtime kaleidoscope of floral color so lush, our landscapes conjuring thoughts of Monet’s garden at Giverny; as well as summers full of barbecues, fireworks and the feel of bare feet on warm sandy beaches. Each seasonal metamorphosis seems to beckon opportunities for new beginnings, particularly in September with the new school year, ... by Shari Adler

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A wise woman once said to me that there are only two lasting bequests we can hope to give our children. One of these, she said, is roots; the other, wings. And they can only be grown, these roots and these wings, in the home. — Attributed to Hodding Carter By Nancy Remkus At the risk of overuse, I hesitate to employ the word “quintessential” to describe my friend and colleague Bethany Deyermond, but she is indeed the quintessential Sag Harbor person. She burns the home fires in her 1840 village homestead, adorned with treasures from generations of family who ... by Staff Writer

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From The Colleges Kathryn Walter of East Hampton was named to the fall 2021 dean’s ... by Staff Writer

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We headed south as we always do, for vacation in North Carolina, and speeding away from home in our tightly packed car we cross the Long Island Pine Barrens. All above, riding the lift of clear skies, is a large group of turkey vultures. Vultures, sooty black, slightly menacing birds always give you reason to pause. I am accustomed to seeing a few at a time, but here they hang like ornaments, a whole committee of them looking for a morbid opportunity. It is possible, we surmise, that the birds got pulled with the fast moving storm system and they ... 11 Jan 2022 by Marilee Foster

Community News, January 13

EAST HAMPTON TOWN Free Vaccines Available  East Hampton Town has added dates for COVID-19 vaccines ... 10 Jan 2022 by Staff Writer

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