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Preserving Southampton’s Historic Maps, Officials Say, Is An Important Modern Task

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Julie Greene in the map room.  DANA SHAW

Julie Greene in the map room. DANA SHAW

Julie Greene and Sundy Schermeyer with the maps that have protected and archived.  DANA SHAW

Julie Greene and Sundy Schermeyer with the maps that have protected and archived. DANA SHAW

Julie Greene and Sundy Schermeyer with the maps that have protected and archived.  DANA SHAW

Julie Greene and Sundy Schermeyer with the maps that have protected and archived. DANA SHAW

Kitty Merrill on Jun 2, 2022
In a vault in the bowels of Town Hall, the history of the Town of Southampton rests on climate-controlled shelves. Well, as much of the written and drawn history as... more

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