Pressing Concerns - 27 East


Southampton Press / Opinion / Letters / 2028025

Pressing Concerns

I attended the public hearing at the Town of Southampton to consider the Liberty Gardens affordable housing project on County Road 39 last Tuesday [“Opponents Speak Out Against Southampton Housing Plan,, September 14].

The project is something the town has really been pushing. Because of the density and traffic concerns, and the awareness of people to the quote in the Nelson Pope Voorhis contract in Hampton Bays, the hearing was very intense. Most of the people from Southampton Village were there because of the terrible, unbroken line of traffic on Hill Street and cars and trucks using the other residential streets that this project will add to, as well as many other concerns, safety being foremost.

I was surprised and pleased to see Mayor Jesse Warren enter the room with a friend because the village has not had much to say about the projects being pushed by the town that directly impact the village. We have tried to bring this to his attention. But he was there only to try for grant money for his favorite project: Lake Agawam. Supervisor Jay Schneiderman seemed not to be on board. Then he was out the door as quickly as he came in. This is really unfortunate. The village mayor and the trustees should take an active part in the discussions of these developments, which are so close to our homes.

A village planner was hired, but he was not involved either. Lake Agawam is a concern but there are many more concerns and issues that I wish would get equal attention. Or should I assume, as the town seems to, that the village is on board with all these development plans that people are riled up about.

Leith McLoughlin