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Profile In Courage

With the end of Labor Day weekend, two other major events begin.

First, you cannot wear white until next summer — don’t ask us why.

Second, the fall political season begins. Soon, the names of those individuals running for public office will appear in the newspapers, and on flyers, lawn signs and billboards all over town. Sadly, the name of Democratic Councilperson Julie Lofstad will not be among those running for elected office, as she has chosen not to stand for reelection.

President John F. Kennedy is credited with authoring a book titled “Profiles in Courage.” This book was a short biography describing acts of bravery and integrity displayed by eight U.S. senators.

While it might seem somewhat of a stretch to compare the machinations that go on in Washington, D.C., to those in Southampton Town, back-room deals do happen here. A good example would be the project known as “The Hills,” and the “dark money” it generates.

When Julie Lofstad, a Hampton Bays resident and concerned environmental advocate, began her first campaign, she stated that, if elected, she would vote “no” to the environmentally unsafe Hills project. This took courage, as even members of her party were working with the Hills developers to seal the deal.

Julie lived up to her word, and when the vote on the Hills came up, she voted “no” — and still won reelection.

Thank you, Julie, for your service to the Town of Southampton and the environment. We wish you all the best.

Barbara and Stephen Ring

Hampton Bays